Genius Pre Review – Does it Work?

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  • Caffeine free (may be a con to some, others it may be a benefit)
  • Complete company transparency
  • Naturally Sweetened
  • No fillers
  • Huge concentration and energy boost


  • Caffeine free (may be a pro to some, others it may be negative)
  • Flavor isn't the best


Absolutely wonderful product. Would buy again. The energy and focus that you get from this product is unmatched by any other non-stimulant formulas

What is Genius Pre?

Before we dive into the genius pre review, it is important to understand what genius pre is.

Genius pre is a “pre-workout” type supplement that claims to give you a mental edge without any caffeine in the product. The benefit of not having caffeine in this genius pre mix is that it will keep the caffeine jitters away from you, which can be distracting and inhibiting.

Genius pre is a pre-workout that has no confusing “proprietary blends”, no fillers, no dyes, and no artificial sweeteners.

Genius Pre Review

Best Features of Genius Pre

Some of the most misleading supplements in the health and fitness category aren’t completely transparent in what they are placing in their supplements. With Genius Pre, they give you peace of mind, with perfectly laid out ingredients on the back of the product. Because of this, you know exactly what you’re getting in every dose.

Furthermore, the product doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that may harm your body in the long run. The company The Genius Brand cares about their customers and doesn’t overload this supplement with artificial sugars and chemical dyes, which have been known to cause adverse effects in some people.

Also, in regards to the taste of the product, I’m not usually a fan of grape flavored drinks, but this one seemed to go down nicely. No complaints on the taste, but I have definitely had better tasting focus formulas in my past.

Does Genius Pre Work?

After taking this product, I have come to find that my genius pre review is one that is extremely positive. The energy that it gives you is unparalleled without any of the harsh caffeine jitters that come from other brands of pre-workout.

The problem with most of the pre workouts on the market is that they overload and depend on the caffeine from their products to give you the most initial “bang” when you drink the product. However, with Genius Pre, I was left with a nice steady buzz that was lingering for hours. It lifted my mood, enhanced my energy, and boosted my focus.

So, in short, YES. This product is killer and I’m already on my fourth tub of the stuff.

Pros and Cons of Genius Pre

Pros – Benefits of Genius Pre

  • Caffeine free (may be a con to some, others it may be a benefit)
  • Complete company transparency – You always know what you are getting with each scoop of the product. There is no proprietary blends masking what you are taking.
  • Naturally Sweetened – Genius Pre does not contain any artificial sweeteners or chemical dyes
  • No fillers – You are getting the most out of every tub of it
  • Concentration and energy boost – I was able to maintain a fantastic boost in energy and focus after trying this product.

Cons – Negative sides of Genius Pre

  • Caffeine free (may be a pro to some, others it may be negative)
  • The flavor isn’t the most rewarding, but it is tolerable
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants, so it may not yield the most desirable results


In conclusion, my Genius Pre review is that of a positive one. I usually do not review pre-workout type supplements, but Genius Pre ranks up there among the best. Primarily for it’s transparent labeling practices, Genius Pre ranks up there among the best. You won’t get this type of focus or energy from such a little scoop anywhere else. In my opinion, give this product a shot. Chances are it isn’t going to let you down.

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